PMRC Scholarships for 2022

Claude H. Haring, Jr., W3IIM Memorial Scholarship $1000.00

By formal resolution adopted by our board on October 10, 2001, PMRC established
Scholarship Fund and authorized the first annual award of the Claude H. Haring, Jr., W3IIM,
Memorial Scholarship.

Bryan Hoch N3VJE Memorial Scholarship $1000.00

Bryan Hoch N3VJE Age 33 Died of brain Cancer summer 2015.Fought the fight for 2+ years.
Graduate of Central High School and Community College of Philadelphia. Employed by Urban Outfitters
at Corporate Hq in Philadelphia Navy Yard. Veteran of MS150 operations while in High School.
Survived by his Wife Kate and a Score of relatives including his Dad Stephen Hoch WU3I.

Richard Moll W3RM Scholarship $1000.00

Not awarded in 2021

There are hams who eat and breathe amateur radio, but Dick Moll went far beyond the confines
of the hobby as a well-rounded, public-spirited man who not only chalked up a remarkable record of
service and achievement as a ham, but also as an exemplary human being dedicated to helping people in need.

Bob Thomas W3NE Scholarship $2000.00

Longest living Phil-Mont member who donated much of his equipment to
the scholarship fund.


Students interested in applying for a ham radio scholarship can visit the Foundation website
for further information and to download complete information regarding the available
scholarships, eligibility rules and the application form.

a. There is no restriction on the course of study.
b. Applicants must intend to seek a Bachelor’s or Graduate degree.
c. Applicant’s home address must be in Pennsylvania,
Southern New Jersey, or Delaware ARRL Sections.

The Phil-Mont Mobile Radio Club, Inc.
AWARDED the following scholarships for 2021:

• The Claude H. Haring, Jr., W3IIM Memorial Scholarship paid $1,000.
AWARDED to KC3EWK Zachary Martin

• The Bryan Hoch, N3VJE, Memorial Scholarship paid $1,000.
AWARDED to KD2JPV Holden Correia-Fisher

Phil-Mont is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization,
and all contributions to the  the PMRC Scholarship Fund are deductible
by the donor for federal income tax purposes.

Contributions made payable to PMRC, Inc. may be sent directly to Phil-Mont at
PO Box 404 Warminster PA 18974.

Saleable ham equipment can also be contributed. Contact PhilMont Board about equipment contributions.

Every contribution will be acknowledged by an IRS letter for tax accounting purposes.

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