It is an honor to receive the Alfred Tribble W3STW Memorial Scholarship.
I would like to sincerely thank you and the Phil-Mont Mobile Radio
Club for your generous contribution to my college tuition.
This scholarship greatly helps me achieve my goal of excelling in college
and reducing my loans after graduation. I appreciate your faith in me.
Being a member of the amateur radio community has led to many
friendships and amazing experiences that have shaped who I am. It has
given me countless skills, confidence, and great happiness. Thank you
very much for your support.
I have been interested in electronics and radios my whole life.
When I heard about Amateur Radio when I was 13 years old,
it was like a dream come true. I became licensed in 2015
and upgraded to General Class a year later. I am a member of the
South Jersey Radio Association, Gloucester County ARC, and South
Jersey Mountain Toppers.
In the SJRA, I am on the board of directors and am the webmaster of
our website. My favorite enjoyments of the hobby are digital radio
modes (DMR, YSF), contesting and HF operating, networking, electronics,
and Field Day.

Holden Correia-Fisher, KD2JPV
Rowan University Class of 2024