Greetings from Lebanon County, PA! I hope this letter finds your club thriving and dx s9+. This letter
is a thank you letter for the generous contribution your club has made to the education of a fellow ham,
through your Claude H. Haring, Jr W3IIM Memorial scholarship of $1,000. Thanks to the help from
the Phil-Mont ARC, as well as the encouragement of hams in my local ham friend group, I am able to
fully realize the dream that started as a kid opening up electronics: the dream of becoming an electrical
Currently, I am in my second year as an electrical engineering student at Penn State University. This
scholarship will help me to pay for tuition and materials, as well as allow for more flexibility with my
work schedule when my school schedule gets more pressuring.
My goal with engineering is to become a design engineer in electronics or RF systems. As of right now,
I’m working in an electronics design and manufacturing facility in south central PA as an engineering
A highlight of my summer was organizing a small field day consisting of myself and three other
college ham friends. During field day, I had a blast racking up contacts as the only CW op on site. Once
in-person school resumes, I plan to join the Penn State Harrisburg amateur radio club and get even
more of my fellow college students in on the field day expeditions.
Thank you again so much for your contribution to my education. I am blown away time and again by
the kindness of the many hams I have met throughout my stint in Amateur Radio. I hope one day to
give back in kind to the community that has nurtured my interest in electronics and RF.

73 and good DX,
Zachary Martin, KC3EWK