May 2022 MESH by W3EX Tom Nolan
MESH Presentation
AREDN Beginners Guide
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April 2022 AA3EO Radiation Hazards
Radiation Hazards

March 2022 K3YO EZNEC Workshop
K3YO Workshop
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February 2022 KC3SMW Arduino Workshop
KC3SMW Arduino Workshop PDF
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Scholarship Recipients 2021
Hoch Scholarship AWARDED 2021
Haring Scholarship AWARDED 2021

October 10th Antenna Build Workshop
Antenna Build details
Photos of Antenna Build Project
Antenna Build RECAP

MS150 2021 RECAP

Sept 2021 MS150 Radio Communications
MS150 Presentation
MS150 Preso VIDEO

Field Day 2021 RECAP

June 2021 Power Source for Field Ham Radio Operation GWEN NG3P
Power Source PDF

May 2021 May 2021 General Business Meeting VIDEO
Barry K3EUI Soundcard Modes
May 2021 Presentation VIDEO

April 2021 Walt KB3SBC Portable Operations
April 21VIDEO
April 21 Preso Links
April 21 Presentation

March 2021 Rick W2JAZ EME How I Became a Lunatic
March EME Presentation VIDEO

February 2021 Nano-VNA by Barry K3EUI
QUIZ, PDF and Video

January 2021 Ham Radio Bootcamp LISTEN

December 2020 Annual Meeting LISTEN
November 2020 Old timers Night LISTEN
October 2020 What YOU want from Your Club in 2021 LISTEN
September 2020 What you did for HAM SUMMER CAMP LISTEN
May 2020 ALL about YOUR club LISTEN

W3QV Repeater 2019
K3GBA Viking Restore
PMRC Maker Faire KC3GJX
Solder howto ONE SHEET
Soldering is easy PDF
Lighthouse Weekend 2019
May 2019 Antennas by K3EUI
Feb 2019 APRS by YAAC dev KA2DDO Andrew

Oct 2018 MESH Project W3EX Tom Nolan
May 2018 ALLSTAR May 2018 WA3DSP
UPDATED Michael KB1JEY Handout Dayton
UPDATED Michael KB1JEY Slides Dayton
March 2018 Some of my Favorite Test Gear SLIDES
March 2018 Some of my Favorite Test Gear Handout

October 2017 ARES W3EX
October 2017 Flex Maestro W3EX
September 2017 K3EUI Radio Frequency Interference
Sound Card Oscilloscopes by K3EUI
Capacitors by K3EUI
NBEMS (fldigi) by K3EUI