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The PMRC Digital Education Net

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Every Tuesday evening at 1900 (7:00 PM)

For Nov 21st  the  PhilMont Mobile Radio Club  Digital Educational Net  (the DEN)  will continue with a discussion of Winlink, led by NY3J.

I've learned a great deal about Winlink in the last month, and have (as a rookie) successfully gotten RMS Express to work on both HF (via Winmor) and  VHF/UHF (via Packet and Sound Modem, a software based packet program).   I've "connected" to stations on  2m FM (Packet)  and  40m  SSB  (Winmor)  to exchange brief emails.  It is a bit of a learning curve, but we've got a great and patient instructor in  NY3J.

The  pdf  attachment  (frequently asked questions) contains a great deal of useful information about  Winlink.   See if in the next week or so you can read this and take notes before our  Nov 21st  DEN.


CU  on  Nov 21st

De   K3eui

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