The PMRC Digital Education Net

A voice and data net to discuss digital modes

Every Tuesday evening at 1900 (7:00 PM)


Tuesday Feb 20

PMRC repeater: 147.030 PL 91

Let's check in tomorrow night at 7:00 pm with FLDIGI mode CW (Actually MCW or 'modulated' CW, since you are keying the audio line to an FM transmitter). Your SignaLink will just send keyed audio into the data port on your rig. Set the FLDIGI Tx speed to about 20 wpm. We'll center around 1500 Hz on the WF.

Remember, your rig must still be in FM mode (we are on a repeater).

Do not try to send true CW with a key if your rig can do that ...... the repeater will not like that.


We will then continue to explore MMSSTV but let's try the mode MARTIN 1

This mode will sound somewhat different from Scottie.

More of N.American hams uses Scottie, more European stations use Martin.

Find an interesting image to send on Tuesday evening.

You might try listening on 14.230 MHz (USB dial frequency) for slow-scan.

Digital images are often sent on 14.233 MHz but MMSSTV will not demodulate these sounds.

Barry K3eui