The PMRC Digital Education Net

PMRC repeater: 147.030 PL 91

A voice and data net to discuss digital modes

Every Tuesday evening at 1900 (7:00 PM)

I'm looking forward to the  Kimberton Hamfest  coming up this Saturday at Kimberton (near Phoenixville) on Rt 113

Look for me indoors at the  Chester County ARES/RACES table. 

Likely doing a demo of   NBEMS  or   FT8   on  20m.

If you have not yet played with  FT4  it will be out of the testing phase soon, and made available on the  WSJT-X  page at Princeton.

FT4  is really fast, FT8  on steroids, with  6 second xmission intervals, and almost as sensitive as FT8.

Too bad it was not quite ready for  Field Day  2019.

When is a band really  "dead" ?

I just tuned up my Icom HF rig on  10m  around noon  and did not hear any  CW  or  PHONE....  dead band?

I then  tuned to  28.074 MHz  usb  and listened and  BAM, there were plenty of  FT8  stations...  so started up  WSJT-X  to  FT8 mode.

I gave a fellow in Oklahoma (KI45BYN)  a call (I was 20W to a simple vertical)  with  FT8  and he came right back to me.

Then I listened for a while and heard stations  from all over the USA.

Some bands like  10m  sound  "dead"  if you listen in the CW or the PHONE portion, but just tune to the FT8  frequencies and WOW..

Here is a screen shot around 12:40 pm

Tonight let's examine the variety of digital sound-card modes that folks have used and compare.

I still love to listen to  CW,  THOR  or   Olivia  and dislike  MT63 and  THROB

I still enjoy  PSK31  on  HF  for nice casual chats with no pressure to type fast. 

Moved radio dial to  20m and was hoping to hear LOTS of different digi modes....

Sent a  CQ  with  Olivia,  then MFSK, and then  RTTY  today on  20m  (14,080 usb)  and got no replies to any CQ on any mode!

All  I  heard were a few faint  CW  QSO's,  two  PSK31  QSO's  at  14.070,  and tons of  FT8  on  20m  around  14.074

Let's share our HF digi mode experiences tonight during the voice portion of the net:  8 - 9 pm  (and hope for no thunderstorm)

Digi net (no microphones) at  7 pm  with  THOR  or  MFSK  for traffic,  1500 Hz on the waterfall.


Barry  k3eui


Allstar is a voice over IP communication mode based on the Asterisk PBX platform.
An analog type transceiver is connected to other Allstar nodes via the Internet.

Doug, WA3DSP, developed the code to run Allstar with an inexpensive Raspberry PI.

For more information see:

Thanks to Doug and the Philmont club for setting this up.


If anyone is interested in HF NBEMS nets there is a group called Pa NBEMS Net

To join the group click here: PA NBEMS

NBEMS stands for Narrow Band Emergency Messaging System.

The Pa NBEMS Net meets every Sunday morning at 0800L using Fldigi at 3.583
Barry, K3EUI, is the net manager.

We would like to see more participation from the DEN members.