The PMRC Digital Education Net

PMRC repeater: 147.030 PL 91

A voice and data net to discuss digital modes

Every Tuesday evening at 1900 (7:00 PM)

Tonight on the DEN I would like to take checkins using FLDIGI and the mode Olivia. Olivia is very robust, and has many "speeds" available.
With the wider phone BW of an FM repeater, we might play with something like Olivia 32/2000 (32 tones, 2000 Hz Bandwidth).

It sounds very elegant and musical.

Be patient since there is a slight time delay (sound vs. print on screen) using all of the Olivia modes. We'll stay centered at 1500 Hz.

We are expecting possible storms coming through Phila region in the late afternoon and early evening hours tonight,
so we may have to adjust plans based on local weather. When I hear thunder, I shut down.

For traffic, please consider a "severe weather flmsg" message. We will likely switch to a faster mode like MFSK 128 for traffic and images.


Allstar is a voice over IP communication mode based on the Asterisk PBX platform.  An analog type transceiver is connected to other Allstar nodes via the Internet.  Doug, WA3DSP, developed the code to run Allstar with an inexpensive Raspberry PI.  For more information see:

Thanks to Doug and the Philmont club for setting this up.


On a side note if anyone is interested in HF NBEMS nets there is a new group called Pa NBEMS Net.  To join the group click here:

Then click Join This Group.  NBEMS stands for Narrow Band Emergency Messaging System and the Pa NBEMS Net meets every Sunday morning at 0800L using Fldigi.  Barry, K3EUI, is the net manager.  We would like to see more participation from the DEN members.