The PMRC Digital Education Net

PMRC repeater: 147.030 PL 91

A voice and data net to discuss digital modes

Every Tuesday evening at 1900 (7:00 PM)

Getting Ready for Field Day  2019

FLDIGI checkins  -  PBSK31  centered at  1500 Hz on WF

Traffic:  MFSK128,   8PSK500F  for longer files
Prepare something simple  (FLMSG)  to send

Field Day discussion: 
    What  modes are folks planning?     FT8?  RTTY?  PSK31?  CW?
    What bands?
    Power sources:  generator, battery, solar cell, other?

Has 10m and  15m  been  "open"  lately?
Use of  PSKReporter  webpage to check on band openings

What beacons to check out on 10m  (28.100 to 28.300 MHz)

Remember  FT4  is  NOT  available for this year's  FD.

Barry  k3eui


Allstar is a voice over IP communication mode based on the Asterisk PBX platform.
An analog type transceiver is connected to other Allstar nodes via the Internet.

Doug, WA3DSP, developed the code to run Allstar with an inexpensive Raspberry PI.

For more information see:

Thanks to Doug and the Philmont club for setting this up.


If anyone is interested in HF NBEMS nets there is a group called Pa NBEMS Net

To join the group click here: PA NBEMS

NBEMS stands for Narrow Band Emergency Messaging System.

The Pa NBEMS Net meets every Sunday morning at 0800L using Fldigi at 3.583
Barry, K3EUI, is the net manager.

We would like to see more participation from the DEN members.