The PMRC Digital Education Net

PMRC repeater: 147.030 PL 91

A voice and data net to discuss digital modes

Every Tuesday evening at 1900 (7:00 PM)

We will take checkins using Thor22 and user can choose the mode for Flmsg or Flamp depending on how long the traffic is.  Use MFSK128 for images.

We will pass our traffic during the third part of the net.  For the second part of the net we will be sending Avatars.  An Avatar is an electronic image that represents and is manipulated by a computer user in a virtual space (as in a computer game or an online shopping site) and that interacts with other objects in the space.  We are going to do just that because everyone is going to take a selfie, enter it in the virtual space of Fldigi and send it to members of the DEN.  Since Ham Fest season is starting we will now be able to identify another DEN member while walking around in the fest.

Ask your grand kids if you need help with this :-)  Upload your selfie to your computer and use Paint to adjust the size of the image.  According to the Fldigi User Manual the image needs to be 59 x 74 (width x height).  When you finish sizing your selfie then save as yourcallsign.png in the directory C:\Users\<your computer user name>\fldigi.files\avatars\.

I will call on each member who signed in to send your Avatar.  To send your Avatar enter your callsign in the Call block on the top of Fldigi.  Your Avatar should appear in the top right section of Fldigi.  Put your cursor in the Avatar.  When you are directed to send it right click your mouse.  Your image will then be sent.  While your Avatar is being sent click your mouse in the transmit window and enter ^r and this will automatically end your transmission.  If it doesn't then click the T/R button at the bottom right of the Fldigi window.

The station receiving the Avatar should enter the sender's callsign in the Call block on the top of Fldigi before it's sent.  The penguin is the default Avatar.  As the sender is transmitting the penguin will be replaced with his image.  After the image is received everyone should move the cursor to the image and left click the Avatar and it will automatically be filed for future use under the senders callsign.  The next time you have a QSO with that Ham and you enter his callsign in the call block his image will appear.

We will then pass our award winning traffic and images.

73, Ron NY3J

Allstar is a voice over IP communication mode based on the Asterisk PBX platform.  An analog type transceiver is connected to other Allstar nodes via the Internet.  Doug, WA3DSP, developed the code to run Allstar with an inexpensive Raspberry PI.  For more information see:

Thanks to Doug and the Philmont club for setting this up.

On a side note if anyone is interested in HF NBEMS nets there is a new group called Pa NBEMS Net.  To join the group click here:

Then click Join This Group.  NBEMS stands for Narrow Band Emergency Messaging System and the Pa NBEMS Net meets every Sunday morning at 0800L using Fldigi.  Barry, K3EUI, is the net manager.  We would like to see more participation from the DEN members.

73, Ron NY3J