The DEN is going to look at an application called APRS, Automatic PACKET Reporting System.  Packet is emphasized because a lot of people call it Position but it's more than just tracking a bunch of cars sending out their locations.  According the the Father of APRS, Bob Bruninga, the main purpose of APRS is to report anything that is happening in your area.  Ham radio meetings, Hamfests, road detours, storms, even who may be on the road for a chat on the radio.  APRS is a popular application with ARES/RACES organizations used in emergencies.  The MS-150 uses APRS to track all of their vehicles on the road including ambulances.  Chester County ARES has a network of weather stations to track any storms going through their area.  Balloonists use APRS to track their balloons that are launched.

There are several APRS applications out there.  The DEN elected to talk about a program written by a local Ham, Andrew, KA2DDO.  His APRS application is called YAAC, Yet Another APRS Client.  Here's a link to his site that explains the program and where you can download the install program.

YAAC is written in the JAVA language so you will need JAVA installed on your computer.  To check this, go to the command prompt.  In Windows click the Windows icon and search for CMD.  Enter the following command.

java -version

My system shows java version "1.8.0_191".  If Java is not installed use this link to download the install program.

In the site look for the section Installing YAAC itself.  Click the zip file which will download the zipped file.  Right click the downloaded file and select Extract All.  This will create a folder called YAAC.  You can move this file to the root directory.  Open the folder and double click YAAC.jar to run the program.  Remember to start the UZ7HO sound modem program before you start YAAC then configure to a port to use the AGWPE just like we did with the Packet program we covered before.

As a reminder go to the site below to download

Here's the configuration screens for soundmodem.

See you all Tuesday night.  Any questions, comments, email me.

73, Ron NY3J