6 Meter Repeater 53.03/52.03 131.8 PL

As I announced at the December Philmont meeting there is now a new 6 meter repeater on the air in th Philadelphia area. It is on the old BEARS/BXW frequency of 53.03/52.03  131.8 PL. The BEARS repeater is permanently down at this point.

This is a split site repeater, receiver in Richboro and transmitter in Warrington. Neither antenna is especially high - 40 feet - but the locations are fairly high. It should have good coverage in the northern Philly suburbs.

You are welcome to join in as just about any modern HF transceiver has 6 meters. This is WBFM and vertically polarized. If you only have a horizontal antenna and you are not too far away it should work. An 80 or 40 meter dipole usually tunes fairly well on 6 meters.

This is also tied into the Philadelphia Allstar Hub which is usually connected to 50 or more nodes throughout the  South Eastern PA/NJ  area, the US and the world.

You are welcome to join us. Our only rules are no religion or politics and proper hamradio conduct. We are a fun group and you can make new radio friends from around the world.

We carry several nets and special transmissions. Sunday nights at 9:01 PM is the Amateur Radio Newsline. Monday nights at 9:01 PM is the ARRL News. Tuesday nights at 7:30 PM is the Ocean City Emergency net (open to all) and at 8 PM Tuesdays is the Atlantic Coast United Radio Association net out of the Atlantic City area which is friendly and open to all. On Wednesday's from 1 PM  to 2 PM we carry the Alaska Morning net. This is a fun net that is also open to all.

There are additional 2 meter and 440 Mhz channels in the South Eastern Pa and Southern New Jersey areas tied into this network. I will not list them here but if you are interested you can contact me directly at WA3DSP @gmail.com and tell me your location and I could give you a frequency to try.

If you have interest in setting up your own Allstar node visit  hamvoip.org   I would also be glad to answer any questions about it.

73, Doug  WA3DSP